October 9, 2015

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The 'Raucus' class of 1960, in 2015!  Carry on!
The "Raucus" class of 1960, in 2015! Carry on!
 "Together Again and Back to Our Roots"
The JDRHS Class of 1960 55th reunion was held on October 9 and 10, 2015.  The primary venue was the Kenilworth Inn, in Kenilworth NJ, and the events included dinner on Friday night, a picnic on Saturday afternoon and a buffet and dance Saturday night. 
Our class has always valued its time together.  We have held reunions every five years and many of our classmates maintain life-long relationships beyond the reunions.    
At the 55th , 75 people registered, 68 attended the Friday night dinner, 48 the picnic on Saturday and 56 attended the Saturday night dance.  People flew  or drove in from from as far away as California, Arizona, Texas,  and Montana- not to mention many coming from the Midwest and the south.  All convened for a glorious October weekend.

Photos of the reunions were taken by Bobbi Curtis, Phil Curtis' wife, and are stored in the photo album named- 55th Reunion 2015-1.  The album, 55th Reunion 2-15-2 contains other submitted photos.

Thanks to all for making this the best reunion so far.  Enjoy the memories and keep in touch!

Email and contact lists are available from rromond@aol.com   
A collage of memories or our years at JDRHS- 1960-1964, by the members of the 55th Reunion of the Class of 1964
A collage of memories or our years at JDRHS- 1960-1964, by the members of the 55th Reunion of the Class of 1964
At our 55th Reunion, building on an idea presented by Julie Ryder McGowan, everyone who attended the picnic contributed to creating the above collage, which was presented to classmate and event sponsor, Howard Meyers at the saturday night dinner dance. This talented work is now in Howard's personal art collection.  Someday it may be auctioned at Sotheby's.

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